Thermally Conductive TWO-COMPONENT

A two-parts epoxy functional thermal conductive adhesive possesses high-thermal efficiency and strong cohesive-force.
High stability with slow attenuation. It also satisfies the requirement of long-time usage under the condition of thermal-cycle.
Curing at room temperature or low temperature, it prevents electronic circuit from performance degradation caused by high-temperature influence.

Structural Bonding TWO-COMPONENT

A two-parts epoxy structural adhesive possesses strong cohesive-force, intense impermeability and perfect water-resistance. Curing with fewer calories and lower shrinkage rate to meet the technological requirements of precision device.

Thermally Conductive ONE-COMPONENT

Silanex's graphene one-part thermal conductive adhesive possesses high thermal efficiency, high bonding strength, high reliability and excellent manueuverability. Graphene substrate's steady stability and high thermal conductivity enormously improves the overall performance of thermal conductive adhesive.

Structural Bonding ONE-COMPONENT

Silanex devotes to heat and structure integrated solutions that applied in many fields: LED lighting, solar photovoltaic, optical communicaiont, fuel cell, thermoelectric semiconductor, fiber laser, security and wearable devices, etc. Silanex also provides technical support of the system to customers.

Electric Conductive ONE-COMPONENT

Silanex successfully applies graphene into epoxy resin to achieve a new form of electrically conductive adhesive, which is aimed to replace traditional solder paste at electronics assembly.