Process Design

Automatic dipensing glue + SMT
Stencil printing achieves process integration of printing, SMT, positioning and detection.
Silanex can design stencil for different structure products.



SMT stencil (SMT template) is widely applied in adhesive process.


Stencil evolution

Originally stencil is made of silk screen, it is called mask. Later stencil is made of nylon (polyester), and then there appeared barbed wire and copper wire mesh because of durability problem. The latest one is steel wire mesh. But no matter what kind of material, it all has defects of bad shape and low accuracy.

Along with the development of SMT and higher requirements generates the stencil. Affected by material cost and procedure difficulties, the original steel-net was made of iron and copper, but later was repleace by stainless steel because of its easy corrosion, namely the SMT Stencil.


Stencil classification

According to SMT process, stencil can be divided into: laser template, electro-polishing template, electroforming template, stepping template, binding template, nickeling template and etching template.

Laser Stencil:

Laser stencil is one of the most commonly used templates in SMT industry, with features:

Reduce manufacture errors by applying data file

High precision of open position: error is less than or equal to ±4μm

Open position with geometry which is advantageous to solder paste printing


Surface Mount Technology, SMT

SMT is a circuit assemble technology by stalling SMC/SMD on PCB surface or substrate surface to weld through reflow-soldering or dip-soldering methods.


Technology constitution

Printing (paste) à inspection (optional AOI full-automatic or visual testing) à bonding (small components first big ones later: high-speed SMT and integrated circuit SMT) à inspection (optional AOI / visual testing) à welding (reflow soldering) à inspection (AOI optional appearance detection and functional testing) à maintenance (tools: welding desk and hot air desoldering station) à board splitting (by manual or machine)

In brief: printing ------ SMT ------ welding ------ maintenance (each process can be added inspection process)

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