Stencil Printing

Suitable for medium-sized semi-automatic production process, which can effectively control the thickness and area of the paste to improve the production efficiency
A set of stencil and achieve the process requirements of printing, positioning, SMT and testing simultaneously.
It can also be customized for different structures and design with low production cost and high feasibility.



At present most factories use manual printing method with shortcomings are:

1. Higher dosage of thermal conductive materials following with bigger cost

2. The printing area is not controlled by workers. It is prone to appear situations of excessive glue or inefficient glue area.

3. Overmuch manual processes to cause wrong operations such as electrostatic damage and LED surface damage, etc.


According to customer’s existing technology, Silanex designs a jig special used for dispensing mount. The set gathers four functions of dispensing, SMT, positioning and detection with main advantages of:

1. Control the dispensing amount and area accurately

2. Without manual paste LED to avoid wrong operations

3. Position LED to radiator precisely after completing the dispensing without the possibility of light-source displacement.

4. Suppose the position was inaccurate, LED light-source would unable to reach radiator

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