Automatic Dispensing

Especially suitable for large quantity and scale of production, improving product quality and production efficiency, in the meanwhile, reducing the defective rate.
You can also combine SMT process automation with dispensing process automation to realize the fully automated production.


Dispensing is a kind of technology, also known as gluing. It is a process of potting or dripping electronic glue, oil or other liquid daub onto products to make products pasted, filled and sealed, insulated, fixed and smooth-surface.


Dispensing application scope is very wide, from aircrafts to ships, from clothes to small toys, are all in demand. It is appropriate to say that, as long as the glue reaches, the dispensing technology is in need.


It can replace manual operations to realize products mechanization; it can be operated with single machine simply and conveniently as well as rapidly and precisely. The SD-card storage way makes it convenient to manage datum and transfer files between machines. It is capable of carrying bio-component pumping system to constitute a double-fluid automatic dispensing machine. Additively it is available to assemble dispensing controller and valve accessories to become floor-type dispensing equipment. It can carry screw lock part to configure a automatically lock screw machine. It can be upgraded to online robot according to needs for various automated assembly with features of strong carrying capacity and large-scale processing space.




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