S600 is a two-component epoxy functional thermal conductive adhesive. It possesses high corrosion resistance and adhesive strength. It has been widely used in LED, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other module and electronic proucts which require high thermal conductivity performance.




High adhesive strength: especially suitable for bonding between different materials like aluminium, copper, nickel, ceramic, silver etc.

S600+ is high stability with slow attenuation. It also satisfies the requirement of long-time usage under the condition of thermal-cycle.


High electromagnetic compatibility to improve safety level.

Solvent-free, no volatile and meets the EU environmental protection certification standards. (RoHS, REACH, IATA)

Since S600+ is curing at room temperature or low temperature, it prevents electronic circuit from performance degradation caused by high-temperature influence.

It is suitable for automatic dispensing, stencil printing and manual etc. which improve product consistency.

Low heat liberation of curing process and shrinkage rate to meet the technological requirements of precision device

Good water resistance 


Life Time and Storage temperature

Cure condition

Operation  time

12 month @ 25°C seal avoid light

24 hrs @ 25°C

25 mins

24 months @ -10°C seal avoid light

15 mins @ 60°C



5 mins @ 80°C



Standard package

50ml / 50g 1:1 two-component tube with 1 Mixpack



Each standard S600+ is able to cover about 5000cm². 

Assume each SMT area is 1.0cm², one standard S600+ can cover about 5000 products. 

Formula:  SMT quantity = Total covering area / unit SMT area

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