Enterprise Dynamic

OFweek LED Award 2015 annoucement: Silanex S800 graphene thermally conductive adhesive won the 'Best LED materials technology Innovation Award'

Silanex established testing laboratory provides testing services of LED lamps junction temperature for the European partners

Jan. 2014, Silanex marched to wearable devices field Silanex provides integrated solution of thermal and structure to Netatmo JUNE electric wrist strap, which is capable to detect UV light intensity change and remind the attention of prevention.

August 2013, Silanex marched to thermoelectricity field Silanex cooperated to research and develop high conversion efficiency of thermoelectric semiconductor module with Israel TAU College of Engineering. In the application of Silanex product, the conversion efficiency has been upgraded effectively.

August 2013, Silanex marched to optical communication field Silanex cooperated with O-net group to apply conductive adhesive in optical communication module to effectively fulfill the double requirements on material precision and conductivity performance.

June 2013, Silanex marched to the third generation of fuel cell field. Silanex cooperated with famous military factories to apply fuel cell on special industry to make the potable generating equipment possible.

May 2011, Silanex marched to concentrating photovoltaic field. Silanex united with CSUN and applied conductive adhesive to the latest concentrating photovoltaic technology. After 1 year testing, it passed the relative detection of EU.

Feb. 2008, Silanex marched to LED lighting field. After 4 years research and development, Silanex thermal conductive adhesive began to apply on LED lighting field. Successively Silanex spread to cooperate with giant companies like Philip, Osram etc.