Silanex released the new product --S700

S700 is a kind of modified silane adhesive. It does not conatain formaldehyde and iscyannate. 

S700 has outstanding environmental performance because of solvent-free , nontoxic tasteless, low VOC releases.  

S700 adapt to most materials. It has good workability, adhesion, durability and weather resistance , especially of environmental protection and operability, so can be applied in many fields like constructionelectronics automotive.



1.     Environmental

Traditional sealants containing solvents and releases formaldehyde and VOC(volatile organic compounds) and others harm to health. Modified silane adhesive contains no formaldehyde or isocyanate, solvent-free, nontoxic, odorless, VOC release is far below the national standards, it becomes the mainstream of development because of its excellent environmental characteristics.

2.     No pollution

Traditional silicone sealant will precipitate silicone oil and absorb pollutants. That is one of the major sources of pollution and greatly reduces the appearance and value of the product. MS (Modified silane) adhesive overcomes the defects from mechanism, does not produce a similar pollution.

3.     Adhesion:

Among the silicone glue, PU glue and MS glue, Silicone adhesive bonding is weakest, polyurethane adhesive is better, but it needs to meet primer. MS glue has high bonding strength, and be suitable for most material without primer.

4.     Whethablility

The special molecular structure of Modified silane can still maintain good flexibility even if it exposure outdoors for a long time.

It does not produce bubbles will not result in cracks and the adhesive strength never reduced.

5.     Operatbility

Traditional silicone sealant cannot be used like the paint. MS glue is compatible with most of the paint, so it can be directly printed on the surface of the colloid. In addition, MS glue does not cause pollution on paint surface and paint can also prolong the life of sealants and reduce overall cost.

6.     Small stress

MS sealant has stress and elastic, even in the tension and presence of stress relief.  They can maximize eliminate the effects of substrate contraction.



One-component, easy to apply, easy construction, wide operating temperature range, fastcuring

No formaldehydeodorlesssolvents and isocyanate-free and pollution-free.

High adhesion and ,tumbling performance. S700 can be used most of building substrate without primer.

The field of application

The bonding among stone, ceramic tiles and plates in the field of Interior decoration , Electronics industry, Automobile and so on.


 Technical Parameters 






ISO 868, Shore A

Breaking strength


ISO 37

Fracture growth


ISO 34-1

Mixnmum tenson



shearing stregth




Storage regulation

Seal avoid light@10-25°C

12 months


Curing regulation

Curing time

24 hrs @ 25°C

Operating time

25 mins @ 25℃