Company History


Founded in 2004, Silanex Technology is an innovative enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of new energy, semiconductor, optical- communication and biomedical functional materials, with R&D and application laboratories in Shanghai, Taizhou, Xiangtan and Dongguan China.
Silanex Technology is committed to providing environmentally friendly materials and integration solutions with excellent performance for the industries of new energy, integrated circuit, optical communication, aerospace, bio-medical, display and touch control, automotive electronics, intelligent equipment and electrical devices.



 Jul 2004       Silanex Technology Pte. Ltd. founded in Singapore, focusing on R&D and application of the function of thermal conductive adhesive material of semiconductor engineering technology, mainly providing accurate and effective services to global customers. 
 Feb 2008 Realized unique advantages of high thermal conductivity, high bonding strength and chemical stability by adding pure copper powder in modified epoxy resin.
 Mar 2009 Products are successively applied in the PRINCE bulb lights of Philips Dutch and JFL intelligent lamp module of Osram Germany.
 Sep 2012 Established Silanex Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China and realizing mass production of two-component conductive adhesive.
 Nov 2014 Won the best LED materials technology innovation on OFweek LED Awards 2014
 Mar 2015 Registered Silanex Technology Pty Ltd in the New South Wales, Sydney and completed the system integration of technology, resources and markets.
 Aug 2015 Silanex launched the industry’s first graphene thermally conductive adhesive which can adjust conductive performance automatically according to actual demands with stronger applicability, more cost-effective and wider use.
 Nov 2015 Won the best LED materials technology innovation on OFweek LED Awards 2015
 Mar 2016 Silanex launched Electromagnetic shielding Coatings T600, revolutionary changed the traditional model of electromanetic shielding technolgoy.
 July 2016

Silanex launched flame retardant and pressure resistant coatings T500,flame retardancy reaches 1200 degrees,greatly improved the safety grade of wire and cable industry

 Oct 2017

Silanex launched the high-quality food-grade epoxy resin structural adhesive S600, provides a perfect solution for the small household appliance industry.




Our social responsibility


We hand in and & cherish the earth

While we running the business, the issue of social responsibility is also our concern. It is our responsibility and commitment to protect the earth’s environment. From the way of material procurement, to reducing the impact on the environment and integrated into our local community, they all represent the working way we always follow. We can only and truly implement ‘Love the Earth’ program due to your support.

Ethical sourcing

Silanex is committed to provide higher quality products and focus on the facts of whether the material is in line with the responsible production and faire trade principles. It can not only help suppliers to create a better future, also can protect the earth’s climate stable.

Environment protection

Just like you, Silanex also has a long-term commitment to environmental protection. We think it is strictly important to cherish our earth, and to encourage others to do the same. Silanex will sharply reduce our impact on environment through saving energy and water, recycling and green building.

Give back

Silanex always consider ourselves as a part of the local community no matter where we are at, the factory or the origin of our material. Making the people together, inspiring them to innovate and improve people’s lives continuously, these all are a good neighbor should do.