Routine Questions

 Q:What is the technical advantage of Silanex glue


      Optimization of thermal conduction: Improve product reliability and longevity. Silanex glue haven’t the shortcomings of traditional

      thermal material like fast material decomposition or attenuation.

      Simplified structural: SIlanex glue has the effect of fixed structure. They can simplify design and reducing the defect rate of  assembly while reducing

      contact thermal resistance.Avoid ceramic substrate assembly is broken or thermal failure caused by thermal stress bending of metal substrates.

      Improve automation rates: Using conventional SMT automatic dispensing equipment or stencil printer.

      Improve production efficiency and reduce wastage rate. Silanex can design the customized stencil printer for special product

      More choices: lower cost, higher quality.0.1% of the materials cost, to enhance the product life and reliability by 30%

      Perfect products to meet the different needs of customers, the cost of ST0903 is 0.013$/cm², S100 is 0.005$/cm², S800 is only 0.0012$/cm²


Q. What is the difference of thermal adhesive and silicone sealant?


    1. Thermal conductivity and higher reliability, more choices: 2.7W/m·K, 3.2W/m·K, 6.5W/m·K, 30W/m·K

    2. Other thermal material exist carbonation or powder decomposition during thermal cycling., so the long term reliability is poor.

    3. Because the surface drying time of thermal silicone is 2-6 minutes and the curing time unable to adjust, silicone must be hand-painting and

       caused a lot of   waste silicon.   


Q: Is your product possible to volatilize harmful substances?

A:   No, our product is solvent-free type with EU certification of Rohs and Reach. It also won’t produce any corrosive gases under high temperature

       such as sulfur,  fluorine, chlorine, etc. We also have passed the material compatibility test of Cree (both at Shenzhen and U.S. R&D center).


Q: Has Silanex high ehermal conductivity or other functional categories of products.

A:  By the end of 2016, Silanex has developed a two-component structural adhesive named S600, modified silicone S700,

     thermal insulation adhesive S806.

     Silanex research and development purposes: Comprehensive evaluation of performance, in addition to thermal conductivity properties,

     as well stability, operation, suitability, quality and so on.