Operation Questions

Q: What’s the difference of handing coating, automatic dispensing and stencil printing?

A: The coating technology of thermally conductivity adhesive has a great effect on chip junction temperature.

    Uneven thickness will cause thermal resistance by several times, reduce the product life.

    Silanex recommend print adhesive by stencil printer, which can control the amount of glue, consistency and

    improve the production efficiency. The adhesive quantity 20% of hand-painted.


Q: In your operating instruction, it says Silanex adhesive can be cured by heat.

    Can it under aging test as soon as be assembled? And curing the adhesive depending on ageing temperature?

A: No, you can’t. There is great difference before and after thermal adhesive curing. In the application of high-power LED light source,

    thermal efficiency wouldn’t reach the best effect due to rapidly heat-up and the normal curing rhythm will be disturbed.

    Ultimately it will cause incomplete curing effect to affect thermal efficiency, even may cause LED fall-off or dead-light situation.

    So please be sure to begin aging test after finishing the curing process. But with low-power light source, such as below 7W,

    some customers do adopt aging method to cure glue. We haven’t encountered any default situation so far. So in low-power products,

    you can consider to synchronize aging and curing according to your process.

    In November 2015, Silanex release S800( graphene thermally conductive adhesive )and ST0903+Upgraded version of ST0903.

    These two kinds of glue can be cured by the ageing heat. Comparing with ST0903 and S100, their reliability and operability

    are greatly improved. 


Q: could we achieve the first bonding and then ageing process through segmented-heating? 

A: No. Aging test must be run after the adhesive glue is completely cured to avoid the LED from peeling-off due to thermal stress. 


Q: How to purchase stencil printer? 

A: Silanex will freely design the printer for customers, the customers just pay for the costing of stencil printer. 

    Silanex need the following parts for the design of stencil printer. 

    1.       2 pcs LED sources( with wire or without wires, refer to the actual production process. 

    2.       2 pcs heatsink 

    3.       Dimensional drawing of LED source and heatsink 

    About the method of using stencil printer,

    please click on the link to learn more: http://www.silanex.com/pdetail?id=19