Storage Questions

Q: What is the storage method of the two-component conductive adhesive?

A: Please be sure to be refrigerated storage immediately after receiving the product (below -10).

    The adhesive should be stored in the light-resistant sealed container under control

    Storage conditions are highlighted on the label clearly

    Silanex Technology does not assure responsibility of product failurecaused for not abiding by the storage requirements


Q: Is the product be possible to be deterioration during the process of transportation since it couldn’t be frozen? 

A: No, it won’t. Our product can also be stable for a period of time under the ambient temperature. For the specific storage time,

    please refer to introduction. At present, we can guarantee to deliver product to domestic customer for 3~5 days and foreign customers

    for 7~11 days. We have never encountered product failure caused by transportation.


Q: Does all Silanex thermally conductive adhesive need to be frozen for storage? 

A: No. In addition to the two-component ST0903 and S100, other products needn’t to be frozen. 

    About specific storage period, please refer to the the product datasheet.